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Booking Requests Open Times - Winter Jun 2019 & Summer Oct 2018:

  • Booking Requests Open Times - Winter 2019:

    • Member Weekly: (7 nights Sun 2pm - Sun 10am) - from 11 March 2019 10am
    • Member Part Week: (5 nights: Sun - Fri / 2 nights: Fri - Sun) - 6 May 2019 10am
    • Members: Any booking requests (preference to weekly) - 20 May 2019 10am
    • Guests Weekly: (7 nights Sun 2pm - Sun 10am) - from 15 April 2019 10am
    • Guests: Any booking requests (preference to weekly) - 27 May 2019 10am



    (All Weekly Bookings are from Sun 2pm to Sun 10am)

     Fri 28 June - Sat 24 August  Fri 28 June - Sat 24 August  Fri 7 June - Thu 27 Jun  Fri 7 June - Thu 27 Jun

    Bed & Breakfast for 7 consecutive nights, Dinner for 6 nights

    Dinner, Bed & Breakfast

    Bed & Breakfast for 7 consecutive nights, Dinner for 6 nights

    Dinner, Bed & Breakfast

     Dinner, Bed & Breakfast
    (Sun to Sun)


    (Sun to Sun)


    AUD $750.00

    AUD $125.00

    AUD $540.00

    AUD $90.00

    JUNIOR MEMBER (14-17)

    AUD $570.00

    AUD $95.00

    AUD $390.00

    AUD $65.00

    JUNIOR MEMBER (3-13)

    AUD $420.00

    AUD $70.00

    AUD $300.00

    AUD $50.00


    AUD $1500.00


    AUD $1050.00


    ASSOCIATE (3 - 13) 

    AUD $600.00

    AUD $100.00

    AUD $420.00

    AUD $70.00


    A group booking is a great way to get all your friends and family skiing and holidaying together at very competitive rates.

    Group bookings are available in the shoulder season months of June and September. 

    You need to have a minimum of 20 members and guests and a maximum of 28 for a group booking.


    Only available June & September


    Includes: Bed Fri & Sat Nights,

    Dinner Sat and B’fasts Sat & Sun


    AUD $140

    JUNIOR MEMBER (14-17)

    AUD $110

    JUNIOR MEMBER (3-13)

    AUD $70


    AUD $240

    ASSOCIATE (3 -13)

    AUD $120



    Members are required to ensure they leave their rooms cleaned to the standard one would expect from any commercial establishment. Any rooms not deemed to be cleaned appropriately will be subject to an additional cleaning charge as determined by our lodge mangers. Our Lodge Managers offer room cleaning services which can be booked ideally two days prior to departure. Current rates are shown in the rooms.


    You must be a financial member of Berghutte Ski Club (i.e. all subs paid) to book lodge accommodation.

    Booking requests are completed online via this website link. If you do not have access to online facilities then a request can be made by phone to the Lodge Managers by leaving a message on (02) 64576381. Online payments via our Paypal facility made at the time of your booking will only be confirmed when payment is made and accepted - full details below.

    Confirming your booking: 
    By confirming your booking you accept and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Booking as stated herein.

    Your booking will be confirmed by the bookings system or Lodge Managers after establishing bed availability and your payment verified. Bookings are not confirmed until payment is made in full. Rooms are allocated at the discretion of the Lodge Managers. Bookings are allocated for beds, not rooms. Sharing of rooms between different bookings may occur although prior notice will always be given by the Lodge Managers. Members are totally responsible for guests, either accompanied or unaccompanied. That is, a member is responsible financially (booking and damage), and for behaviour of family and guests.

    Health and Safety:
    Berghutte Ski Club Managers and its Directors will take all reasonable steps to promote a safe and healthy environment for all. It is the responsibility of members and their guests to be transparent and disclose any known risks, existing or current health conditions. As a result of a known or disclosed infectious pathogens or medical condition the Berghutte Ski Club Managers and its Directors may request medical clearance from your doctor prior to your booking being approved. Medical clearance must be completed by your treating doctor on determination that there is no risk/safe to stay in a shared-space ski lodge with limited natural airflow and knowledge there will be contact/close proximity to a range of persons from a new born to the elderly. Any assessment or appointment with your treating doctor is at your expense. The Berghutte Ski Club Mangers and its directors reserve the right to deny entry or accommodation services should we considered that it is not in the best interest of the Berghutte Ski Club.
    If you cancel your booking 30 days prior to your arrival then you will be refunded in full. If you cancel your booking within one month of your arrival your payment is non-refundable.

    However in the event of a non-refundable cancellation inside 30 days, the Lodge Mangers will take reasonable steps to resell the booking of a bed/s which could form part of a partial refund. If you cancel during peak season and it is possible for the Lodge Managers to fill your booking with other members and guests, you will be entitled to a refund less 10% processing fee in relation only to a non-refundable cancellation inside 30 days.

    In the event of any dispute in relation to bookings, or cancellations of bookings, the Booking Manager/Directors will make a final considered decision.

    Refunds in exceptional circumstances are possible by a request in writing to the Board of Directors. 

    Travel Insurance 
    Current travel insurance policies may cover loss of accommodation payments.


    Arrivals - your room will be ready for your arrival after 4 pm on the first day of your stay. If you arrive earlier please do not expect to be given access to your room, especially on Sundays during high season.

    Departures - you must vacate your room on your day of departure no later than 10 am. You should have removed all your belongings and cleaned your bathroom and vacuumed and cleaned your bedroom prior to this time.

    Security – please call the Lodge Manager on (02) 64576381 to obtain the code to the front door prior to your arrival. Please ensure that all external doors remain locked and closed during your stay.

    Parking – parking at the Lodge is a privilege not a right. If you are parking in the Berghutte car park, you must leave your keys with the Lodge Manager in case your car needs to be moved. If the car park is full or you would prefer not to have your car moved, then please park in a public car park. Access to our car park is via the Lantern Lodge and we need to maintain a good relationship with our neighbours. Please enter and exit via the Lantern in a respectful and courteous way as quickly as possible. 

    Guests – if you are booking for guests please make them aware of the rules of the Lodge. As the member, you are responsible for their behaviour while they are guests at the Lodge.

    Club Rules – these are located in each bedroom and we encourage you to read them each time you stay at Berghutte. We are a friendly and welcoming lodge but to keep costs down there are a number of things we ask members and guests to contribute to during your stay.

    Linen – don’t forget to bring your own bath towels and other bathroom linen.

    Guest Fridge – there is a guest fridge located in the basement off the games room for your snacks and drinks.

    Junior Member Meals – The Junior Member (14-17) rate entitles the junior members aged 14-17yrs to an adult meal.

    Chef's Night Off - Currently our Chef's nights off each week are now Wednesdays during the winter season.

    Spring/Summer/Autumn & Off Season Bookings Oct 2018 to Jun 2019

    Daily Rate Per Person



    Junior Member

    AUD $15

    AUD $20

    Adult Member

    AUD $20

    AUD $25

    Associate Adult

    AUD $55

    AUD $60

    Associate (3-13)

    AUD $30

    AUD $35

    Please refer to Tariffs page under the Ski Lodge Details menu of the booking system for more information on low and high season dates and rates.

    • BYO: All linen (sheets & towels)
    • Sheet hire available: $25 per single or $35 per king
    • No towel hire available
    • Contact Berghutte Ski Club to book on 02 6457 6381